Windows 10 and its Modern Enterprise Architecture
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Windows 10 and its Modern Enterprise Architecture

Windows 10 is more than just another OS upgrade. It’s the unveiling of a new era for modern enterprise. Over the past ten years legacy infrastructures have been built around the Windows desktop model. However with Windows 10, OS versions are converging. In addition to the many benefits, users will see a consistent cross-device experience, including PCs, phones, and tablets.


So what does this mean for businesses and enterprise IT?

  • Distributed security. In modern enterprise, teams can securely access content across devices and networks without compromising security.
  • Enterprise mobility.EMM is the core security platform for the modern OS because they provide security hand in hand with appropriate controls.
  • Sandboxed architecture. Modern OS use isolated storage and memory which protects against traditional threats and minimizes the need for anti-virus across mobile devices.

Taking these changes into account, modern mobile infrastructure is set to replace the PC model of past years. Windows 10 will further enable IT to centralize management and security while supporting users with productivity when and wherever, and across multiple devices.


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