What cloud trends will we see in 2016?
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What cloud trends will we see in 2016?

2014 was the year of cloud technology, with IT folks rolling out updates to meet the trend.  2014 was also the year that business took cloud seriously, seeking out methods of implementation across departments and migrating still un-migrated data. For businesses not yet on the cloud, it’s only a matter of time. Cloud computing is predicted to be one of the 10 strategic technology trends this year and we’re seeing things headed in that direction. Where does that leave us in 2016 and what cloud trends do we expect to see?

  • More users will want access to a flexible range of operating systems and applications
  • Data security will continue to play a strong role with rapid data backup
  • Secure connections with private VLAN and site-to-site VPN will be standard
  • Users will increasingly seek to save time and minimize hassle with single, intuitive portals
  • Increased flexbility in operating systems and applications
  • Businesses will see greater agility with smart, hybrid solutions

What trends do you expect to see in cloud computing in 2016? We’re all ears.

Best, Kudu