Our deep industry experience can help you embrace for the change of today and reshape for the future tomorrow.

KUDU is an IT company that assists small to medium sized businesses with their technology requirements.  We provide solutions that make the day to day more efficient and effective.  Through industry experience and qualifications, our clients can rest assured with KUDU.

What is KUDU?

KUDU is rigorous.  Attention to detail and follow through are ingrained traits.  KUDU is expert.  Our deep industry experience can help you embrace for the change of today reshape for the future tomorrow. KUDU is partnership.  Leadership and problem solving is where we start.

The right sized IT department.

Clients sometimes tell us they want dependability of a full scale IT company with the speed, agility and flexibility of a smaller one.  The two hardly go together.  Until KUDU.  We pride ourselves on providing what your company needs from an IT standpoint without all of the extra costs and elements associated with having a large provider on your side or several inside IT providers if they’re really unnecessary. KUDU strikes a balance and ultimately provides a new breed of IT when and where you need IT support.

Outsource your IT without outsourcing It.

KUDU applies it’s deep knowledge and integrates seamlessly within your business as your IT provider. Our goal is for you to outsource your IT needs without having the feeling of truly outsourcing.  KUDU can fit into your team without the burden of a chair and desk.

Fierce performance.

KUDU is your onsite and remote on-call IT consultant for small to medium-size business and residential networks.  We are a Microsoft Cloud Power and Certified Partner.  Continuously demonstrating the technical skills and ability to build innovative solutions across multiple technologies, both on premises and in the cloud.  We service all Mac and Windows operating systems, including software/hardware installation, configuration, maintenance, diagnostics and recovery.