IT Support

Providing comprehensive solutions for supporting and managing the health of your network.

Serious IT Support.

We can provide 24-hour server and network health and performance, health and consumption and file monitoring and maintenance tasks and checks, contacting you when there are issues and providing remote support and detailed reports as needed. We can also help secure your network by incorporating vulnerability scanning and taking measures and addressing vulnerabilities when found.

Ensure your computers are functioning, protected, and secure. Your team runs computers to help you run efficiently. Kudu makes that possible. We provide desktop and laptop management ranging from remote to full IT support, including solving onsite and after hours needs. Microsoft: Windows XP-Windows 10, Windows 2003-Windows 2012 R2 Server and Windows Mobile. Apple: OX.2-OSX.10, OS X Server and iOS. Google: Android.

Kudu Mobility management. Solved.

As a Certified Microsoft Partner Kudu can setup and manage any of your Apple, Android or Windows mobile devices which include IPads, Tablets and smartphones.   All of these devices can run Microsoft Office 365 solutions, which include hosted 50Gb Exchange mailboxes, the Office Suite of Applications, SharePoint’s One Drive for Business, Skype for Business, Pro providing 50gb of storage, robust functionality, outbound email disclaimers, shared calendars and mailboxes, multi-device access, antispam and antivirus filtering with extra layer protection and uptime guarantees. We provide configuration and migration services, ongoing management and support.

IT Support



Windows, OSX, Android

Server and network health

Troubleshooting and repair


Network security and compliance

Mobile management

Kudu Support

Meeting business demands

Configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, recovery and repair for any of your network devices and its important data.

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Security and Compliance

A fierce approach to security and countermeasures

Data Protection

Securing all data for security compliance requirements

Device Management

Managing mobile devices across multiple operating systems

Content Management

Implementation, customization, delivery and support

Multi-OS Support

Including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile

Effective Solutions

Supporting all requirements as a long term IT partner